Knox County Tennessee

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Area

Scrap Metal is collected loosely at Convenience Centers in specially designated areas. Generally smaller pieces of scrap metal should be thrown into the pile while larger items are set to the side. Users may be asked by attendants to place larger items like appliances to the side to better manage or order the pile. The metal collected does not go to the landfill, rather it is loaded up and transported to a scrap metal company where the County sells the metal for revenue which helps offset operating costs. Center users may not scavenge or remove items from the metal pile. Individuals attempting to scavenge or remove metal are subject to criminal charges for theft. Only a member of the management team may authorize salvaging from the metal pile. Salvaging operations such as the metal recycling is well-documented. If an item is removed from a pile, it is usually sold along with other surplus County property through an online auction. Please understand that recycling markets can change rapidly. Recyclers understand there will be minor amounts of contamination but what is acceptable or not acceptable in the collection area may change periodically based on market conditions. Pay attention to any signs that may appear announcing changes in what is accepted because labels are made to be general but anything important may be communicated with a separate sign or label.

Below is a list of the types of scrap metal collected along with any other special preparation or handling needed prior to placement into the designated scrap metal recycling area. Common contaminates are also listed.

Scrap Metal Accepted Items:

  • dishwashers
  • microwaves
  • chain link fence
  • fence posts
  • aluminum or steel containers/buckets/cans
  • wire hangers
  • screws (bring in container, place container in an appliance, or see attendant)
  • nails (bring in container, place container in an appliance, or see attendant)
  • washers
  • dryers
  • hot water heaters
  • stove
  • grills (place the propane tank in designated area)
  • push mowers (remove fuel, place battery in designated area)
  • weed eater, string trimmer (remove fuel)
  • exercise equipment
  • shelving
  • metal pipes
  • metal doors
  • sheet metal
  • cast iron bathtubs

Not Accepted in Scrap Metal: