Knox County Tennessee

Fire Prevention Bureau

Department Head: Kathy Saunders


The mission of the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau is to make Knox County a safer place to live, work or visit by protecting its residents and guest from the ravages of fire. We accomplish this by conducting life safety inspections of existing structures and new construction, developing proactive and diverse public education programs and maintaining an aggressive fire investigation program.

Effective Friday, April 5, 2019, all plans submitted to the Knox County Fire Bureau and Codes Administration must comply with the 2018 codes as amended and adopted by the Knox County Commission in November 2018 (O-18-10-101).


Effective May 4th, 2009 all new construction inspections requiring approval of the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau, previously scheduled with Knox County Code Administration, must now be scheduled directly with the Fire Bureau by calling 215-4660.

First stage (footers), framing, mechanical, gas, and final inspections must be scheduled with both the Fire Bureau (215-4660) and Code Administration (215-2325).

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