Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Procurement


ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Procurement Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Number Deadline Due Date Buyer
Litter Outreach Education and Coordination Services 2671 04-26-18 Karen Smitherman
Batteries 2675 04-26-18 Tom Seagle
Background Screening Services 2678 05-01-18 Jay Garrison
Transmission Rebuild and Repair Services 2674 05-02-18 Donnie Fawver
IC King Park Turn Lanes 2677 05-02-18 Karen Smitherman
Automatic External Defibrillator & Accessories 2679 05-04-18 Heather Whitehead
Hepatitis B Vaccine 2680 05-07-18 Heather Whitehead
Golf Cart Lease Program 2681 05-15-18 Jay Garrison
Formative Assessment Software 2676 05-15-18 Christina Davin
Surveying Services 2689 05-16-18 Ben Sharbel
Compact Utility Tractor 2684 05-16-18 Karen Smitherman
HVAC Electric Motor Repair Services 2688 05-17-18 Tom Seagle
Fire Protection Systems Maintenance for KCSO 2668 05-22-18 Donnie Fawver
Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Administration Services 2695 05-22-18 Christina Davin
Generator Replacement 2697 05-22-18 Jay Garrison
WIOA Title I Out-of-School Youth Services 2683 05-23-18 Christina Davin
COBRA Administrative Services 2696 05-23-18 Jay Garrison
Trailer-Mounted Hot Tack Sprayer 2692 05-23-18 Karen Smitherman
Employee Vision Benefit Services 2694 05-24-18 Christina Davin
Health, Physical Activity and Access to Parks and Recreation Study 2687 05-24-18 Heather Whitehead
Employee Dental Benefit Services 2690 05-24-18 Jay Garrison
Kodak Road Bridge Replacement 2685 05-30-18 Karen Smitherman