Knox County Tennessee

Propane Tanks, Cylinders, & Fire Extinguishers

Certain types of pressurized tanks or cylinders may be accepted at Convenience Centers however in most situations other locations offer better options for tank or cylinder disposal. Individuals with cylinders other than propane tanks are encouraged to call the solid waste offices for assistance in finding the appropriate solution to dispose of cylinders.

Propane Tanks:

Propane tanks should be returned or traded in directly at cylinder exchange programs located at several local retailers. If this is not an option residents may bring propane tanks from household gas grills or indoor/outdoor space heaters. Tanks should be placed in the designated propane tank area. Residents may only dispose of one tank per year. Smaller disposable Coleman-style camp stove propane tanks can be thrown away as household trash when empty. If they are not empty, they should be connected to the stove or heater and flared off until empty prior to disposal.


Cylinders or other pressurized gases or liquids such as oxygen tanks, carbon dioxide tanks, or welding tanks are generally property of gas companies and should be returned to the gas distributor from which it was purchased. Individuals trying to determine where to get rid of cylinders should contact the solid waste offices for more information.

Fire Extinguishers:

EMPTY fire extinguishers may be disposed at as trash at Convenience Centers. If the fire extinguisher is FULL then it may be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility. Also, there are local fire extinguisher companies like Fire Pro that can often recharge or trade in and swap out fire extinguishers.

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