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Greenwaste (wood waste, limbs, logs, brush, yard clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, stumps, and other organic matter that will decompose) is prohibited from being disposed in most landfills in Tennessee because when it is buried in large quantities it can later spontaneously catch fire. Knox County Solid Waste does NOT accept greenwaste at trash/recycling Convenience Centers. Greenwaste must instead be taken to greenwaste facilities that grind it up and process it into mulch. Greenwaste facilities in Knox County are privately owned and they charge fees for dropping off greenwaste material.

Greenwaste Facilities Located in Knox County NOT A COUNTY SERVICE

The following three locations in Knox County accept greenwaste (limbs, logs, brush, yard clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, etc.) for a disposal fee. They are all privately owned and are not affiliated with Knox County. Their contact information is provided below. If there is another legally operating greenwaste facility accepting material from the public operating in Knox County the Solid Waste Department will add the facility to the list below if the department is notified and the facility will allow a listing on a public web page.

Location Phone Address
Living Earth West 865- 927-7646 8707 Joe Daniels Rd
Living Earth East 865-546-0584 6323 Rutledge Pike
Living Earth Downtown 865-281-3388 2601 Middlebrook Pike

Paying Companies for Greenwaste or Brush Pickup Services NOT A COUNTY SERVICE

In addition to not operating a greenwaste facility, Knox County does not pick up greenwaste from private property. Individuals interested in having greenwaste pick-up should contact local landscapers or property maintenance companies. Individuals are encouraged to search the internet or phone book for landscaping or tree trimming, and inquire about services offered and associated rates. It may also be possible to hire persons willing to do odd jobs to transport material to a greenwaste facility. Individuals hiring persons to transport greenwaste should inform the person hired that there will be fees to take material to the greenwaste facilities listed above.

Burn Permits

Individuals wishing to burn brush may be allowed to do to depending on weather and ambient air quality. To inquire about burn permits individuals should visit the Air Quality Management webpage or call their office directly at 865-215-5900.

For more information about greenwaste contact the Knox County Solid Waste Office.

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