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Gym Discounts

National Fitness Center and YMCA of East Tennessee both have Discounted Memberships available for Knox County Employees!
For National Fitness Center:

  • Are you a new hire with Knox County?
  • Do you have a current gym membership that has expired?

If so, you are eligible for a discounted membership to Court South and National Fitness Center Clubs! Click Here for an enrollment form.

Knox County Government employees may join the YMCA of East TN without a contract at any time. Stop by any YMCA of East TN location and show your Knox County ID or a recent pay stub. Click Here for additional information.


National Fitness Center/Court South

Single Membership - $39.95 per month
Single + 1 Membership - $49.95 per month
Family Membership - $89.95 per month

YMCA of East Tennessee
Single Membership - $24.00 per month
Single + 1 Membership - $30.00 per month
Family Membership - $35.00 per month

  • Monthly amounts will be taken out of two paychecks each month (24 paychecks per year).
  • Membership dues are paid through payroll deduction.
  • Memberships are terminated if an employee leaves Knox County.
  • Employees must have a qualifying event in order to enroll with National Fitness Center outside of the open enrollment period during the month of June. (Qualifying events include: new employees or loss of a current gym membership.)
  • Knox County Government employees have the option of going directly through National Fitness Center instead of using payroll deduction.  This requires a 3-YEAR CONTRACT with the gym. Knox County’s contract is only 1 year.

Membership with either gym gives you access to all locations for that particular gym.

Email: or call 215-3800 with questions.

HumanaVitality Partnered Gyms

There are many partnered health clubs that automatically report your workouts to HumanaVitality. To find one near you, visit and log into your account. Navigate to “Get Healthy,” then “Health and Well-Being,” then “Fitness and Exercise,” and finally use the “Find a participating HumanaVitality health club” section of that page.

If your gym is partnered, you will need to grant it permission to send your workout information to HumanaVitality. Click “Earn Vitality Points at this club” for instructions.

If your gym is not partnered, you can click “Recommend a health club” to submit the gym’s information. Not all gyms will choose to become a partner, and we cannot guarantee that a currently partnered gym will stay a partner. If your gym is not a partner, you can still use an activity tracker (see above) to log your workout.

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