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Flexible Spending Account

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)

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Medical Flexible Spending Account (MFSA)

A medical Flexible Spending Account is a special untaxed account that saves you money on medical care such as copays, deductibles, vision care, dental care, prescription drug copays, and virtually anything that you would pay out of your pocket related to your health that is non cosmetic and allowed by the IRS. You will receive a debit card that allows you to conveniently access this money. You can also file paper claims.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

In previous years, a Health Reimbursement Arrangement may have been set up and funded by Knox County Government on your behalf. If you still have money in your account, you can use the money in this account for the same types of services and supplies that you would for your medical Flexible Spending Account.

Medical FSAs and HRAs; How they Work Together

If you have both a medical Flexible Spending Account and a Health Reimbursement Arrangement account, you will access money from both of these accounts through the same debit card or using the same claim forms. Money will come out of your medical Flexible Spending Account first. If you do not use up your Health Reimbursement Arrangement dollars before the year is out, they will still be there for you the following year.

Enrollment and Fund Availability

Under medical FSA and HRA plans, you have access to the entire yearly amount of money you elected as soon as your benefits are effective. This is regardless of how much you have actually put into the account yourself. For example, if you elect $1,300.00 for the year but have only paid $50 in ($1,300.00 divided by 26 pay periods each year), the entire $1,300.00 will be available when your benefits become effective. You then pay back the plan over the course of the plan year with your pre-taxed payroll deductions.

Note: The start date may be different for qualifying events or new hires. Knox County’s FSA plans run on a calendar year basis.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DFSA)

The dependent care Flexible Spending Account is a special untaxed account that saves you money on dependent care such as day care or after school care, summer care, adult day care, or any other dependent care expense allowed by IRS guidelines. The dependent care FSA is designed to allow you to use tax-free day care while you and your spouse work or attend school full-time. The IRS code has set the maximum contribution for the dependent care FSA at 5,000.00.