Knox County Tennessee

2024 Medical Insurance – Administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

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In-network Providers

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Plan Documents

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Easy Ways to Save on Care

Telemedicine and Virtual Behavioral Therapy

One of the most exciting additions to our wellness initiative is HealthJoy. They offer so many great benefits at the palm of your hand: From telemedicine and virtual behavioral therapy sessions to 24/7 access to the healthcare concierge. They also offer prescription savings and medical bill reviews along with a benefits wallet that provides access to benefits cards with personalized information about your deductibles. This service is completely free to all benefits-eligible team members and their dependents even if they are not using the health plan. The medical and behavioral health consultations have a $0 copay, and they offer unlimited visits. HealthJoy is a great alternative to the ER and urgent care for non-emergency conditions.

Telemedicine and virtual behavioral therapy can be accessed by calling (877) 500-3212 or by downloading and accessing the HealthJoy mobile app. Unlike telemedicine where a provider is available in a matter of minutes, virtual behavioral therapy sessions are usually booked 2-3 days out depending on provider availability.

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Independent Advanced Imaging Facilities

There are ways to lower your costs when your doctor orders an outpatient MRI, CAT scan, PET scan, etc. Your out-of-pocket cost depends on where you have the test done. Using an in-network, independent advanced imaging facility can save you lots of money. Click the document for a list of facilities and to learn more about advanced imaging costs.