Knox County Tennessee

2024 Pharmacy Insurance – Administered by Epiphany Rx

Group Number: E0134


Customer Service: 844-820-3260

Specialty Medication Pharmacy: Lumicera | 855-847-3553 |

Use your EpiphanyRx insurance card for pharmacy benefits.

On January 1, 2024, you will start using your EpiphanyRx card to fill your prescriptions. If you have questions or need assistance, contact EpiphanyRx customer care at 1-844-820-3260 or visit Click here for more information on getting started with EpiphanyRx.

In-network Pharmacies

To find an in-network pharmacy near you, go to, register for access, click on “Resources” then “Members” and then “Pharmacy Locator.” Allow the site to use your location, and the pharmacies near you will populate.

Rates and Coverage

Please refer to the Benefits Guide for information on the rates and a summary of coverage.

Plan Information

Click to read the Prescription Formulary for EpiphanyRx effective January 1st through December 31st. If a medication you take is impacted by a formulary update, you will be notified by mail prior to the change. You can access the most up-to-date information by visiting

Preventive Care Medications

Under the Affordable Care Act, benefit plans must cover certain Preventive Care Medications at 100%. Click here to view the list of preventive medications and products available to you at no cost. You can use your EpiphanyRx member ID card to get the products on this list for no cost if they are: prescribed by a health care professional, age and condition appropriate, and filled at a network pharmacy.

Specialty Medications

Most drugs are “traditional medications.” A few drugs are considered “specialty” medications. Specialty medications covered under the pharmacy benefit will be subject to a coinsurance and maximum on Option 2/Option P.

Specialty RX Option 1 HDHP Option 2/Option P
Deductible ( Integrated with Medical ) $1,600 Individual / $3,200 Family $100 Individual / $200 Family
20% after deductible 20%; Minimum: $100, Maximum: $300