Knox County Tennessee

2024 Life Insurance Benefits

Basic, AD&D and Supplemental Life Insurance

Please review the Benefits Guide and Symetra Benefits Summary to learn more about this benefit.

  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Beneficiaries
  • Cancellation or Reduction in Coverage
  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI)
  • Premium Changes

Accelerated Death Benefit
Basic and Supplemental Life

You and your spouse may be eligible to receive up to 80% of your (combined basic and supplemental) life insurance coverage if diagnosed with a terminal or serious medical condition.

Basic, AD&D and Supplemental Life

Employees who wish to add or change life insurance beneficiaries as a new hire, during a life event, or during open enrollment must use the Munis Employee Self Service. Beneficiaries changed in or added to the Munis Employee Self Service will be used for Basic, AD&D and Supplemental life insurance. You will need to enter the beneficiary’s Social Security Number and date of birth. You must add one or more primary beneficiaries, and you have the option to add one or more contingent beneficiaries. If you need to update your life insurance beneficiaries outside of your benefits enrollment, they can be changed at any time during the year using the beneficiary form located on the right.

If you die, a distribution of your benefits payable on account of your death will be paid to your primary beneficiary(s); and if no primary beneficiary survives you, then to your contingent beneficiary(s); and if no beneficiary survives you, payment will be made to those who survive you as follows:

  • Your Spouse
  • If there is no spouse, in equal shares to your children
  • If there is no spouse, or you have no children, to your parents, equally or to the survivor
  • If there is no spouse, or you have no children, or parents, in equal shares to your brothers and sisters
  • If none of the above survives, to your executors or administrators of your estate

Cancellation or Reduction in Coverage
Supplemental Life Only

You can cancel or reduce employee, spouse or child supplemental life insurance coverage at any time by contacting Benefits at (865) 215-3800 or

Evidence of Insurability
Supplemental Life Only

If you increase your coverage by more than one step during open enrollment, you must submit an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form. If you submit the form directly to Symetra, notify Benefits by calling (865) 215-3800 or emailing

Premium Changes
Supplemental Life Only

As an employee, your monthly premiums will change based on your age at December 31 each year. For spouse and/or children, the premium is a flat rate regardless of age.