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Employee Assistance Plan


Knox County Government has a comprehensive FREE Employee Assistance Plan in place for all active Knox County Government employees regardless of health plan election, eligibility, or hours worked.

Am I eligible to use the EAP / Free Counseling benefit?
Deer Oaks EAP Services provides all EAP benefits for Knox County employees. You do not have to be covered by a health plan to be eligible! This FREE counseling benefit is open to employees of all elected officials and entities that participate in benefits administered by the County Mayor’s Human Resources Department. This includes: All employees that fall under the County Mayor, Sheriff’s Department, Trustee’s Office, Register of Deeds, MPC, PBA, County Clerk’s Office, Criminal & 4 th Circuit, Civil Sessions, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Detention Facility, Sessions Judges, Probation Pre-Trial, Property Assessors, and more.

Do I need to enroll to use the benefit?
This EAP benefit does not require you to enroll. You are already enrolled if you are a Knox County Government employee. You do not have to be enrolled or eligible in health insurance to receive this benefit. This benefit is open to all Knox County Government employees. Part-time employees are included in this benefit.

Knox County’s EAP program provides FREE and confidential counseling for you and your eligible family members. Our EAP programs allow several visits per issue and can even be used in emergencies for crisis counseling and immediate support either over the telephone or in person. EAP programs offer additional resources such as coordination of long term counseling, inpatient care coordination, substance abuse support, counseling for children, and coming soon an interactive website accessible by going to and viewing EAP information.

Is my problem appropriate for EAP?
EAP programs are used by employees of all types and are often utilized for issues such as: relationship issues, work concerns, financial issues, stress, depression, anxiety, divorce, separation, general sadness, substance abuse, alcohol use, etc. Utilizing EAP care improves quality of life and can serve as a great resource for you and your family. There is no issue that is considered “off limits” or “not important” and any issue that affects your physical or mental well-being is valued and should be taken seriously. There is no problem too small, and many employees are surprised at how much can be completed during their EAP visits.

Make Your Appointment NOW!
Deer Oaks EAP Services: Open to ALL KNOX COUNTY GOVERNMENT employees as listed above.
Phone: Toll free 1-866-327-2400

If you are a Knox County Employee and wish to access your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING EAP benefit you simply call 1-866-327-2400 to make an appointment.

Will my employer find out that I have accessed EAP care?
Absolutely not! Knox County does not know who accesses care. Knox County gets aggregate quarterly reports with no identifying information that shows general utilization only. These reports simply tell Knox County Government if employees are aware of the benefit based on how much the benefit was utilized. Names of employees are not released to Knox County unless the employee and his/her supervisor has agreed to participate in a “Mandatory Supervisory Referral” Even then, no personal information is provided other than appointment confirmations. Employees’ confidentiality is held to the strictest standards and Deer Oaks EAP Services can provide you a copy of their confidentiality policy upon accessing care.

Is counseling really free for me and my eligible family members?
Yes! There is no out of pocket for EAP Counseling visits. Knox County pays for this benefit for all employees. Knox County will not know if you accessed the benefit.

Can my spouse, partner, or child go to counseling?
Yes, your spouse and family members are eligible for the same benefit. This includes anyone that resides in your household or any close relative/person as deemed eligible by Deer Oaks. Today, we see many forms of blended families and partnerships that would be appropriate to access care. If you have a question about eligibility, contact Deer Oaks EAP Services toll free at 1-866-327-2400.

Additional Questions
All other questions may be directed to Knox County Benefits by calling 865-215-3800 or emailing us at

To report issues or problems accessing EAP care contact Brian Barnard, Benefits Manager at 865-215-3209 or email We are committed to making EAP access easy and comfortable for all employees and eligible family members.

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