Knox County Tennessee

2023 Vision Insurance – EyeMed

Group Number: 9854837

Network: Insight


Customer Service & Card Replacement: (866) 299-1358

In-network Providers

Follow this link to find an in-network provider.

Rates and Coverage

Please refer to the Benefits Guide for information on the rates and a summary of in-network coverage.


EyeMed has online, in-network providers for glasses and contacts. Click to learn more.

EyeMed offers discounts on hearing exams and hearing aids. Click to learn more about this benefit.

Click to learn more about saving on prescription and non-prescription sunglasses through EyeMed.

Plan Documents

The plan summary contains information about EyeMed benefits including progressive, anti-reflective and photochromic lenses. Please review the plan summary for a more detailed explanation of this benefit than is provided in the benefits guide.