Knox County Tennessee
Regional Forensic Center

Funeral Homes

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If you are a funeral home representative seeking information, please call 865-215-8000.

If you are requesting a cremation, please fill out the following Cremation Request Form and fax back to 865-215-8020. All cremation permits have a $45 processing fee.

For decedent pick up information, please fill out the Decedent Release Request Form and fax back to 865-215-8020. Pick up times are from 12:00 noon to 6:00 a.m. the following day, every day of the week. Our funeral home phone line for decedent release information is 865-215-8052. Please be aware that one of our autopsy technicians will contact you when a decedent is ready to be released. Decedents will not be released until they are completely ready, so please wait for us to call you.