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Autopsy Technicians

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An autopsy technician assists a medical examiner in reviewing medical records, gathering and analyzing specimen samples and performing autopsies. They receive, identify, and release the body. They assist in moving forward the autopsy process. Autopsy technicians maintain a clean and sanitary environment and ensure biological and chemical standards are being met. Their services are crucial at the regional forensic center. We are fortunate to have this group of dedicated professionals on our staff.

Autopsy Technician Manager

  • Jeff Delorme

Autopsy Technicians

  • Jonathan Knolton
  • Kinsey Stewart
  • Allison Petty
  • Matt Lamb
  • Daniella Bassa
  • Scott Banning
  • Claire Mincher
  • Daisy Pishotti
  • Kate Hepburn
  • Jessica Newcomb
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