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Knox County Senior Services

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Due to COVID-19 All Senior Centers Are Closed Until Further Notice

Robert “Buzz” Buswell

April Tomlin
Senior Services Manager


Knox County Senior Services is dedicated to serving approximately 145,000 Knox County citizens who are age 50 years or older. All centers are professionally staffed and provide diverse programing specifically geared toward seniors.  These programs provide recreation, educational information and social activities.  Our senior centers are a great resource for connecting seniors with needed services in our community.  This portion of the Knox County Website is devoted to seniors and their needs. Please follow the links for detailed information about each of the Knox County Senior Centers.  The John T. O’Connor Center located in the City of Knoxville is operated by the CAC Office on Aging.

Mission:To provide community seniors with diverse quality of life programming for their physical, social and intellectual well-being.

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Senior Services

239 Jamestowne blvd, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37934

Main Office Phone:
Fax number:
Main Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Senior Centers

Carter Senior Center
Phone: 865-932-2939
More Information

Corryton Senior Center
Phone: 865-688-5882
More Information

West Knox County
Senior Center

Phone: 865-288-7805
More Information

Halls Senior Center
Phone: 865-922-0416
More Information

Karns Senior Center
Phone: 865-951-2653
More Information

South Knoxville Senior Center
Phone: 865-573-5843
More Information