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Filing Fees for Knox County Chancery Court

To download a (.pdf) copy of Filing Fees, please click here.

Agreed Divorce (no service/without children) (includes Final Order) 216.50
Agreed Divorce (no service/with children) (includes Final Order) 241.50
Contested Divorce (with service/without children) 228.50
Contested Divorce (with service/with children) 248.50
Adoption or Legitimation (includes one (1) birth certificate) 243.50
Name Change (includes three certified copies of Final Order) 216.50
Conservatorship or Guardianship 185.50
Worker’s Compensation 200.50
Worker’s Compensation Settlement (includes Final Order) 201.50
Registration of Foreign Judgment (including URESA) 220.50
For any New Complaint or Petition 200.50
Minor’s Settlement 216.50
Minority Removal 157.50
Re-Opened Petition 75.00
Petitions for Contempt (Non-Visitation or Non-Payment) 75.00
Petitions for Child Support Modification / Contempt 75.00
Petition for Change in Visitation or Custody 75.00
Annual Accountings 30.00
Final Accountings 36.00

Please Note:

(1) Filing fees are due in full at the time of filing.

(2) The filing fee is the initial fee and final court costs may be significantly greater based on the type of case and complexity of the litigation.

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