Knox County Tennessee

Meet the Rec Staff


Joseph Mack, Senior Director
865-215-6600 ext. 6613

Anna Roeder, Finance and Administration Director

Madison Casey, Marketing Coordinator

Sports and Recreation:

Brandon Gann, Adult Sports
865-215-6600 ext. 6609

Whitney Fitzsimons, Recreation Coordinator
865-215-6600 ext. 6604

Jeff Kincaid, Community Park Facility Coordinator
865-215-6600 ext. 6624

Cain Clifton, Youth Sports Operations Manager
865-215-6600 ext. 6608

Tyler Chandler, Head Groundskeeper

Tyler Bishop, Head Groundskeeper

Randy Thompson, Head Groundskeeper


Jason Halliburton, Park Maintenance Director
865-215-6600 ext. 6614