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S.A.I.L. stands for Stay Active and Independent for Life. S.A.I.L. is a one hour strength and balance exercise program designed to give you all the components you need to prevent falls. It includes warm up/aerobics, balance exercises, strength, flexibility and cool down. S.A.I.L also includes educational resources for other ways to prevent falls. S.A.I.L. is designed for all levels of physical fitness as you can stand or stay seated for the whole class.

Research shows that exercise is the number one way to prevent and/or reduce the chance of falls. Whether you need to lose weight or not exercise has proven benefits for body, mind and soul. As aging tends to reduce mobility (the ability to get around easily) and stability/balance, staying active can help keep seniors strong and independent. Often as we age chronic diseases such as heart disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol), diabetes and arthritis can increase and cause a decline in health. Regular exercise/activity helps to keep these diseases in check so you can enjoy healthy aging.

Installing grab/safety bars next to the shower and toilet are one of the easiest safety measures to add for seniors who want to age in their current place of living. Most falls occur in the home and the bathrooms is the most likely place a senior could fall because of potentially slippery surfaces. The grab bar allows the senior a way to steady themselves as they step out of a tub or shower or stand up from the toilet.

There are many ways to keep our loved ones safer at home by doing some very simple modifications. Items such as removing throw rugs, installing grab/safety bars in the shower and by the toilet, repairing broken steps and installing railing along stairs are among a few. Please click on the following links for a more comprehensive list Five Quick Easy Home Modifications You Can Do Infographic v9 ( or Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults (

SAIL classes are open to anyone, but are especially designed for seniors 65 and up. A small fee/donation may be associated with the class. You can join at any time but we recommend you call the instructor or S.A.I.L. location ahead of time to confirm dates and times of the class. See our Stay Active and Independent for Life page for additional details on what classes are offered and their contact information.

*If you live outside of Knox County but are interested in attending a S.A.I.L. class, please call the Area Agency of Aging and Disability Health Promotion at (865) 691-2551 or visit their website.

Online options are not available at this time.

Some people in wheelchairs may be able to participate but it is important to contact the location and instructor ahead of time to discuss your disability. For the most part S.A.I.L. can be adapted for persons with disabilities but the instructor would need to understand the limitations and have some time to develop the best way for a person with disabilities to participate.

The Dynamic Sports Program is focused on making SAIL available for person's with disabilities in our community.

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