Knox County Tennessee

Right of Way

Agencies or companies desiring to work in Knox County Right of Way must obtain a permit from the Knox County Engineering & Public Works Department prior to the desired work date. No work will commence without written approval from the Director of Knox County Engineering & Public Works or a designated representative. Permits will be evaluated and returned within thirty business days after the application is submitted. Knox County will attempt to arrange a joint on-site meeting the first working day after receiving the application.

All agencies that routinely perform work in the non-traveled-way portion of the right-of-way may apply for and receive an annual permit prior to beginning any work. Annual permits will be renewed on January 5th of each year. Permits are required for belowground and aboveground work.

Any time work is performed on or adjacent to any road in Knox County, safety will be the primary consideration. Safety considerations will extend to the traveling public, local bystanders, and work crews. Work crews must strictly adhere to the Work Zone Safety portion of the most current version of the MUTCD and TDOT’s Pavement Edge Drop-Off Policy. Any crew failing to meet these criteria will have their permits revoked immediately until such discrepancies are rectified.

Application Forms and Polices

Blank permit applications may be obtained from the Department office at 205 W. Baxter Ave., Knoxville, or downloaded here.

Detailed requirements and policies for installation and repair in Knox County Right of Way can be downloaded here.

Application Forms and Polices

To get in touch with the appropriate contact at the department, please use the contact button located at the side/bottom of the website. A team member will respond via email with the necessary forms and or further instructions.