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Trail Volunteer Program Description

What is a Trail Volunteer?

The Trail Volunteer Program offers local trail and greenway users the opportunity to make our community’s park system a friendlier, cleaner, more inviting place to bike, run and play. Within the overall mission of the Trail Volunteer Program, Trail Volunteers are to promote the safe, responsible and enjoyable use of trail systems with an emphasis on:

  • Being a positive representative of the community’s park system
  • Informing, assisting and educating trail users
  • Practicing and exemplifying trail etiquette
  • Reporting trail conditions and maintenance issues to park staff
  • Improving and caring for the trail system
  • Promoting courtesy and safety on trails
  • Coming to the aid of trail users

It is important to note that the Trail Volunteer Program is not an “enforcement” organization, and its members have no special authority or privileges to accomplish its goals.  Rather the volunteer will greet , inform and assist trail users with courtesy and a positive attitude.

Trail Volunteers are the face of the trail. They are frequent users and are there to monitor the trail as well as interact with other trail users.


Requirements to Become a Volunteer

  • Complete application and be selected . There will be more applicants than positions available, so selections will be made to represent as many areas of the trail system as possible. Trail Volunteers must be 18 years of age and own a cell phone.
  • Pass a national background check. If selected, an applicant will be required to pay for and pass a national background check (cost is $18.50). Click here for the background check form
  • Attend a volunteer training session . After passing a background check, Trail Volunteer applicants will be informed of training session dates and times. Trail Volunteers must attend a session before starting the program. After training is complete, Trail Volunteers will receive a complimentary t-shirt and jacket to wear during volunteer hours. A special thanks to our sponsors for supporting the program. Some discounts at sponsor locations may be available and will be discussed at the training session.
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