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  • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon-dioxide, but some people attract and are bitten more often by mosquitoes than other people. Cologne, perfumes, and scented body lotions can attract mosquitoes. Dark-colored clothing is also more attractive to mosquitoes. Everyone's body is different, and some people produce odors more enticing for mosquitoes.
  • Dump all water containers around the house (inside and outside the house), keep grass short, and avoid any clutter around the house.
    • Always remember the 4 D's:
      • Drain water around the home.
      • Dress in long sleeves and long pants when outside
      • Avoid being outside during Dusk and Dawn
      • Apply DEET or other FDA approved insect repellents when outdoors
  • Larviciding is the process of controlling mosquitoes when they are in the larval. During Larviciding, we are destroying mosquito larvae in stagnant water. Larviciding is an effective approach because the mosquito is somewhat isolated in their breeding site. Mosquito larvae left untreated develop into adult mosquitoes, of which are not only a nuisance but can be a public health threat in worst case scenarios.
  • Mosquitoes are more active between dusk and dawn.
  • The CDC recommends:
    • Dress your child in clothing that covers arms and legs.
    • Cover strollers and baby carriers with mosquito netting.
    • When using insect repellent on your child:
    • Always follow label instructions.
    • Do not use products containing oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or para-menthane-diol (PMD) on children under 3 years old.
    • Do not apply insect repellent to a child’s hands, eyes, mouth, cuts, or irritated skin.
    • Adults: Spray insect repellent onto your hands and then apply to a child’s face.
  • Residents who find a recently deceased crow or blue jay on their property can call the Knox County Health Department at 865-215-5200 to report the dead bird. The environmental health department will walk you through the next steps.
  • KCHD will only spray in areas where the West Nile Virus has been detected.
  • Yes, there are press releases made and signs put out before KCHD sprays an area. Yes, we can put you on a No Spray List.
  • Dirty Lots that are breeding mosquitoes can be reported to KCHD, and ALSO to County Codes at 865-215-2325 or City Codes at 865-215-4311
  • Improper Drainage creating standing water due to road or subdivision changes or creations can be reported to County Stormwater at 865-215-4147 or City Stormwater at 865-215-2148

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On the first Wednesday of every month, all KCHD offices and clinics are closed in the morning for staff in-service. On these days, the main location (140 Dameron Ave.) will open at 11 a.m. and the West Clinic (1028 Old Cedar Bluff) will open at 11:30 a.m.

Clinics will also open at 10:30 a.m. (Main location) and 11 a.m. (West Clinic) on the following Wednesdays: April 17 and July 17. All other offices will open at 8 a.m.