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Knox County Retirement & Pension Board members

  • County Mayor
  • 4 County Commissioners
  • 2 Employee Elected Representatives from County Government Active Employees and
    Active Certified Teachers from Plan A
  • 2 Employee Elected Representatives from Non-Certified Schools Active Employees
Board Members Term Expires Position Representing Office
Richard (Rick) Trott, Chairman 2/28/2015 Sheriff’s Department General County Government & City Teachers Plan A & B
Jeff Owenby 8/31/2018 Commissioner Charter Appointment
Nick McBride, Secretary 2/28/2017 Register of Deeds General County Government & City Teachers Plan A & B
Richard Briggs 8/31/2014 Commissioner Charter Appointment
Tim Burchett 8/31/2014 County Mayor Charter Appointment
Ed Brantley 8/31/2018 Commissioner Charter Appointment
Robin Moody 2/28/2015 Employee Benefits Classified Schools Active
Sam McKenzie 8/31/2018 Commissioner Charter Appointment
Crystal Hill 2/28/2017 Innovations Classified Schools Active

Employee Elected Representatives

One employee elected representative from Non-Certified Schools and one from Knox County/City A Teachers Plan are elected every 2 years to serve a 4-year term. The next Employee Representative election will be in February 2015. Information will be available to employees interested in running for representative position in December/January. For additional information, contact the Retirement Office at (865) 215-2323.

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Retirement Services

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Phone: 865-215-2323
Fax: 865-215-2421
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