Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Purchasing


ATTENTION: All potential vendors MUST be registered with the Purchasing Division PRIOR to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Bid Submittal

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Name of Solication Bid Number Opens Buyer
School Transportation Services 2152 04-07-15 Mike Reeves
Employee Assistance Services 2151 04-16-15 Mike Reeves
Birch Plywood 2154 04-24-15 Tom Seagle
Audit Hotline System 2157 04-27-15 Mike Reeves
Widening of Parkside Drive 2159 04-29-15 Karen Smitherman
Taxable Lease Purchase Agreement for Solar Project 2149 04-29-15 Karen Smitherman
Roofing Services 2162 04-29-15 Tom Seagle
Floor Tile Installation Services 2160 04-29-15 Tom Seagle
Knox County School Coupon Book Tee Shirts 2164 05-04-15 Mike Reeves
Web Based Recreation Software 2158 05-04-15 Mike Reeves