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Knox County Parks Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all Knox County Parks. Please contact the park administration office at 215-6600 if you have any questions.

The following activities are prohibited in all Knox County Parks. Violations may result in suspension from park use.

  1. Profanity, abusive language or behavior.
  2. Loud or amplified music unless authorized in writing by the parks department for a public event.
  3. Operation of motorized vehicles off designated roads or parking areas.
  4. Feeding of any wildlife.
  5. Swimming anywhere other than designated areas.
  6. Consumption of alcohol unless in a licensed area.
  7. Solicitation, advertising or signage of any kind unless approved by the parks department.
  8. Leaving vehicles or boats in parking lots with "For Sale" signs posted.
  9. Camping, erection of tents or canopies larger than 10 x 10, inflatables, dunking machines, carousels or other event equipment rentals without a public special event use permit issued by the parks department.
  10. Open fires or any fires outside picnic grills.
  11. Use of sports fields without written approval by the parks department or the operating association.
  12. Livestock, domestic or exotic animals without a public special event use permit issued by the parks department.
  13. Discharge or possession of firearms, fireworks, explosives or paintball guns unless with valid permit or parks department approval.
  14. Dogs are not permitted in sports field or spectator seating areas. Dogs are permitted on-leash in other parks or off-leash in fenced Dog Parks. Unless otherwise indicated by signage.
  15. Use of reservable picnic shelters without a permit.
  16. Playing of golf anywhere except a golf course.
  17. Operation of vending or concessions without an event permit or lease. Roving concessions on park roads and parking areas such as ice cream trucks are not permitted at any time.

Park hours are sunrise to sunset unless otherwise posted or for permitted events.

Picnic Shelter, Pavilion and New Harvest Community Building Cancellation Policy

30 Days Prior to Reservation: All picnic shelter, pavilion and New Harvest Community Building reservationsthat are cancelled thirty days in advance shall receive a full refund or you may reschedule for another date. You must call 215-6600 to cancel the reservation and reschedule.

Less than 30 Days Prior to Reservation: If a cancellation is made less than thirty days in advance you may reschedule another time. You must call 215-6600 to cancel the reservation and reschedule.

Inclement Weather Policy: No refunds are given due to inclement conditions. However, we will be happy to reschedule your picnic shelter, pavilion or New Harvest Community Building reservation, but you must call 215-6600 on or before the first business day after your scheduled event to reschedule due to weather.


  • 100% refund for all cancellations made 30-365 days prior to rental date.
  • 25% will be assessed for all cancellations made 1-29 days prior to rental date.
  • Rental reschedules may be made 7 business days prior to rental date, for one time only; for the same year and another date must be given at the time you call to cancel the original date.
  • No refunds or reschedules for requests made on or after the reservation date.
  • *Cancellations & reschedules must be done during office hours 8:00am-4:30pm - Closed on Holidays.
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Parks & Rec

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