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Parks and Greenways Up For Adoption

The mission of the ADOPT-A-PARK program is to engage Knox County citizens in helping to enhance our park system.


ADOPT-A-PARK is a volunteer program that recruits and trains citizens to assist in the general care, supervision and maintenance of neighborhood parks and greenways. Adoption will augment, rather than replace, publicly funded maintenance and will have a significant impact on the quality of life in our community.

ADOPT-A-PARK is an opportunity for businesses, community groups, families and civic-minded individuals to lend a hand in the preservation and beautification of our county parkland. It helps educate the public about the importance of providing clean and safe parkland and trails for the enjoyment of all.

ADOPT-A-PARK can be flexible to suit your philanthropic goals. Your time and effort are all that’s needed. However, financial contributions are also welcome and are fully tax-deductible.


  • Neighborhood associations
  • Corporations
  • Locally-owned businesses
  • Schools
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Clubs and service organizations
  • Recreation councils
  • Youth organizations


  • Group clean-ups once per month suggested minimum of 3-6 volunteers for 1-3 hours relative to the park size.

Or a group may choose special projects three to four times per year suggested minimum of 4-8 volunteers for 3 hours relative to park size

  • Two year renewable commitment
  • Background check on leader, waivers for volunteers at workdays


  • A Suggested donation of $50 to assist in purchasing signs is not required but greatly appreciated. Larger donations for specific projects in the park are also welcome.


Please check the “Up for Adoption” page to see what parks are available. Please contact the parks office at 215-6600 to discuss potential parks. Once a good fit for a park is determined visit the “Application” page and complete the on-line form. For more information email us at



The ADOPT-A-PARK program contributes to community pride and promotes positive social interaction while establishing a healthy lifestyle. Benefits exist for both individuals and organizations.

Gratification of knowing that you are helping to enhance the quality of life in your community. Activity for a healthy lifestyle that enhances the physical and emotional well-being of participants.

Investing in communities where their employees, customers or members live and work makes good business sense. Employee and member participation will create an atmosphere of social and economic concern through volunteerism and charitable giving. Help employees and members maintain a healthy lifestyle, contributing to better productivity and quality of life. Participation will increase organization name recognition and visibility.

Knox County will erect an ADOPT-A-PARK sign in the park bearing the name of the adopting individual(s) or organization. The sign will remain while the adopter is actively participating in the program.

Adopter’s name will be listed on the Knox County Parks and Recreation website. Adopters will be invited to an annual recognition event.

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