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Greenwaste Recycling

Greenwaste (wood waste, limbs, logs, brush, yard clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, stumps, and other organic matter that will decompose) is banned from most landfills in Tennessee, and therefore must be taken to special facilities that can accept greenwaste.

Greenwaste Processing Facilities (see list below) are the best and lowest cost solution because they are able to handle large volumes of material and vehicles quickly and they may accept multiple forms of payment. If residents have VERY small amounts they may consider taking it to the Halls Convenience Center (only accepts loads of less than a truckload, small limbs, no stumps). If individuals wish to have greenwaste picked up they should call a landscaping or a tree company and ask about the services the company offers.

Greenwaste Processing Facilities in Knox County

There are several places in Knox County to take greenwaste (limbs, logs, brush, yard clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, etc.) They are all privately owned and operated. They all accept different types of materials. They all charge fees. Exact change may be required. Some facilities may not accept certain materials. You can find more information about these facilities by calling them directly.

Location Facility Name Phone Address
Downtown Area Shamrock / Knox Ag 865-524-0109 2501 Ailor Avenue
Northwest County Natures Best Organics 865- 927-7646 8707 Joe Daniel Rd
East Knoxville Natures Best Organics 865-546-0584 6323 Rutledge Pike


There is a modest fee to drop off small amounts of greenwaste (brush, yard clippings, small tree branches, etc.) at the Halls Convenience Center. The box is operated by the Goodwill Attendant. Only small amounts of greenwaste are accepted (small limbs, small logs, brush, yard clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, etc.) The attendant only accepts cash and may need exact change. Prices typically range between $3-$10 dollars depending on how much material a user brings.

Halls Convenience Center

3608 Neal Road (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
865-215-5865 (ext 0)

  • Less than a truckload
  • Small limbs
  • No stumps
  • Cash Only
  • Exact Change

Greenwaste or Brush Pickup –NOT A COUNTY SERVICE

Knox County residents interested in residential greenwaste pick-up will need to contact landscaping companies. Residents should search the internet or phone book for landscaping or tree trimming, and inquire about the services offered and rates.

For more information about greenwaste disposal in Knox County you can also contact the Knox County Recycling Coordinator or call the Solid Waste office at 215-5865.

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