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Strong Streams - Murals

Click here for a detailed description of the native plants and
animals depicted in the Ten Mile Creek Greenway Mural

Click here to hear what a Green Heron sounds like

Click here to hear what a Belted Kingfisher sounds like

Why Murals?

Educating the community through public art installations is a great way to beautify the area and increase appreciation for both the environment and the arts. Murals enhance the livability of neighborhoods and communities by providing an educational work of art to the people who live there. Murals tend to create a sense of community ownership, providing a meeting place for groups, and recognition of the space. They can transform a blank space into a work of art; one to congregate around, meet at, talk about, and so on. Research shows that murals also help to deter vandalism. A sense of respect surfaces among artists when they see that hard work and time has gone into a piece of art. Furthermore, mural projects give local artists the opportunity to share their passion for art with the public, promoting an appreciation for artistic expression.

Mural Projects

The Strong Streams program worked with local artist Curtis Glover to paint this stream ecosystem mural at the Ten Mile Creek Greenway. The design of the mural takes us into the stream habitat where we see fish, water bugs, birds, plants, and other wildlife that reside in a healthy stream.

Many people do not recognize the variety of life that exists in and around a healthy stream. Unfortunately, they also do not realize that whatever water goes down a storm drain leads directly to the stream, not a waste water treatment plant. Water is inherently “sticky,” so it picks up pollutants on the way to the storm drain or stream. Urban streams, in particular, are susceptible to pollutants like litter, oil/gas/grease from cars, dirt or sediment from construction sites, fertilizers, and pet waste.

The ‘Strong Streams: Ten Mile Creek’ mural is a unique project that aims to encourage citizens to care for and protect their local streams through conservation and restoration.

Want to get involved?

We are always on the lookout for areas where a mural can be painted. If you have an area (in the county jurisdiction), that you think would be a great place for a mural, please contact us!

Email or call 865-215-5540

We also have sponsorship opportunities available. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in how you can be involved in the protection of our local streams, our Adopt-A-Stream program may be a great fit for you. Find more information here.

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