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Drainage, Erosion & Flooding on Private Property

What is considered a “Drainage or Flooding Problem”?

Drainage problems on private property can be frustrating and difficult to address without assistance from water resource engineers or professionals. When water ponds for a period of over 24 hours after a normal rain event (1 inch or less), you may have a drainage issue. The problem could point to soils that do not infiltrate, or to a less obvious issue downstream or down grade.

How do I report a Drainage, Erosion, Groundwater or Sinkhole problem at my private property?

Click here to fill out the Drainage Concerns Reporting Form. Once completed, this will be sent directly to a drainage engineer at Knox County Stormwater.

What happens after I report a problem?

A representative of Knox County will contact you discuss your problem and to schedule a site visit to inspect the issue, if necessary.

Other frequently asked drainage questions:
  • Who is responsible for drainage systems?

    The maintenance and care of drainage easements and their associated infrastructure is the responsibility of the property owner. Call us at (865) 215-5540 to see if you have a Maintenance Agreement and associated Operations & Maintenance Plan for stormwater infrastructure (detention ponds, water quality devices, etc.) on your property. More information on Maintenance Agreements for stormwater infrastructure on private property here.

  • Do I need a permit to alter drainage on my property?

    Maybe, it depends on the alteration. Any significant change within a drainage easement may need a permit. To find out if you need a permit click here or call us at (865) 215-5540.

  • Flooding problems? Click here to be directed to our Flooding page

Download our Homeowner Drainageway Maintenance Brochure here

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