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Parks Department Continues Work on Major Boat Dock Improvements

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The Knox County Parks and Recreation Department is on its way to wrapping up several wintertime projects along the waterway.

Work crews recently replaced the boat dock at Concord Park and have started replacing the boat dock at Cherokee Park, which is across from the Cove on S. Northshore Drive.

Every winter, TVA lowers the water level so folks can make repairs to their docks and clean their boats. Parks work crews dismantled the two docks several weeks ago since they were not in use. They hope to have them both complete by the middle or end of next week depending on the weather.

“These two docks were constructed at the same time 30 years ago, so they’re going to have to be replaced at the same time,” said Director of Parks Chuck James. “It’s all good, though. We’ll get these finished and move on to the next project.”

Once complete, the crews will replace the dock at Melton Hill Park.

“TVA lowers the water level out there for about a week, so when we have that window of opportunity, we’ll get there,” James said. “That will be another brand-new dock for our residents.”

Earlier this month, workers were also on the south Knox County waterways, replacing the gangway on the boat dock at Maloney Road Park and fixing the boat ramp there.

The projects so far – because the department’s carpenters are overseeing the work – has cost under $10,000.

“These crews do great work and I’m grateful for their skills,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. “A lot of our park amenities and structures are old, but they take care of them to make sure they have a long life, which ultimately saves the County money.”

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