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Money for auctioned Tahoe in county coffers; Mayor gives up parking space

Taxpayers no longer paying for SUV’s gas, insurance, upkeep

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 23, 2010) -- As promised on swearing-in day, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett sold the Chevy Tahoe that was once assigned to the former mayor, and the money for the SUV is now in the Knox County general fund. Mayor Burchett also gave up his assigned parking space.

“I will park my car in the first open space I come to, just like any other Knox County employee,” Mayor Burchett said.

The 2007 Tahoe sold for $23,030 at auction on, an online auction site. It had 93,000 miles at the time of the sale, and was originally purchased in June 2006 for just more than $44,000. keeps $1,727.25 of the final sale price as a fee, which means $21,302.75 will go directly into the county’s coffers.

There are approximately 280 passenger vehicles in use by executive branch departments, and Mayor Burchett has asked senior directors to review vehicle use within their departments. Directors will report to the Mayor to discuss the results of their respective reviews, and they will come up with an efficient vehicle use policy that maintains the appropriate level of county service while also saving taxpayer dollars.

“It comes down to three key things: Service, efficiencies and savings for Knox County taxpayers,” Mayor Burchett said.

Mayor Burchett has already eliminated vehicle allowances that were given to senior directors, which amounts to a savings of just more than $50,000, according to Knox County Finance Director John Troyer.

Like all employees who drive a personal vehicle for county business, Mayor Burchett and senior directors will submit their mileage for reimbursement at the federal mileage reimbursement rate.


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