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Stop landfilling tax dollars

County completes Dutchtown renovations, introduces new recycling initiative

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 22, 2010) -- Recycling can save cash, and new improvements at Knox County’s Dutchtown Road recycling and convenience center help make it easier to recycle and keep your tax dollars out of the landfill.

The County generates revenue by selling recycled materials collected at the county’s eight convenience centers, which is money that is not collected through taxes.

Revamped traffic patterns, repaved surfaces and an efficiency makeover at the Dutchtown convenience center in West Knox County are making recycling a snap for customers. The Dutchtown facility is the first to feature cleaned, re-painted and newly labeled trash compactors that help users figure out what they can recycle.

The improvements are part of the Knox County Solid Waste Department’s new initiative to increase recycling revenue from the eight county convenience centers.

“We want citizens to use the new signage as a guide to make smart decisions about waste disposal,” Knox County Director of Solid Waste Tom Salter said. “When center users reduce what they put in the blue trash boxes, we can guarantee a savings for taxpayers.”

Taxpayers fork over between $1.6 and $2 million annually just to haul trash to a landfill and bury it. But just last year, revenue from the sale of recyclable waste earned the county more than $500,000, which helps offset the cost of landfilling. The Solid Waste Department estimates that the county can generate $25,000 just from reducing trash by 1 percent and increasing recycling by one percent.

“We want to remind everyone that recyclable items have value,” Knox County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Linginfelter said. “Putting recyclable materials in the garbage compactor is like putting money in the landfill, we’re confident Knox County citizens will do their part to save green by going green.”

Recycling in Knox County is as easy as placing paper waste, like cereal boxes, office paper and junk mail, into a cardboard box and throwing it, box and all, into a mixed paper recycling bin.

“Simply put, these items have value, recycling is easy and saves us all money,” Salter said.

For more information on recycling in Knox County, visit or contact the Knox County Solid Waste office at 215-5865 (Ext. 0).


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