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Expanded purchase order database takes transparency to new level

Knoxville, Tenn. —  Knox County taxpayers can now see exactly what their money is being used to buy, thanks to a newly-expanded purchase order database.  The system shows what items departments are buying when they submit a requisition to the Knox County Purchasing Department, who then issues the purchase order.

“Since I took office, we have cancelled unnecessary purchasing cards, launched an e-commerce card transaction database, and now we’re putting detailed purchase order information online,” Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett said.  “This is a level of transparency that has never been seen in Knox County before.”

The database, which can be found on the “Open Government” section of the county’s new website,, includes item-specific information about purchases paid for with taxpayer dollars.  The database can be searched by department, dollars expended and date of transaction.

The information provided by the purchase order database is so specific that brand name information is provided in many cases.  The previous purchase order database provided only general information about a purchase based on commodity codes, which used general descriptions, such as “office supplies,” “paper products” or “printer accessories.”

“Our books are open, and this is about as open as it gets,” Mayor Burchett said.  “This purchase order database is another way that we’re working to ensure service, efficiency and savings to our taxpayers, while also restoring the public’s trust in Knox County Government.”



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