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Sale of County vehicles nets nearly $100K

Knoxville, Tenn. (December 3, 2010) —  Knox County has sold 15 vehicles since Mayor Burchett took office, netting taxpayers nearly $92,000 as part of the Mayor’s continuing efforts to eliminate unnecessary county-owned vehicles.

“When you’re dealing with a $650 million budget, $92,000 doesn’t seem like much.  But when you consider that the median household income is less than $46,000 in Knox County, that $92,000 means a lot to our taxpayers,” Mayor Burchett said.

The 15 vehicles, which were sold on, ranged in age from 20 years to three years old, and the selling prices ranged from just more than $600 to nearly $40,000.

The sold vehicles also varied in make and model, and they included a large Mack garbage truck that sold for $38,610., an online auction site, charges a 7.5 percent service fee assessed on the sale price of vehicles.  The total sale price of all of the vehicles was just under $98,000, and the fee totaled slightly less than $6,000, which amounts to a net of approximately $92,000 to Knox County taxpayers.

“We were able to sell these vehicles without decreasing service to citizens, which is an efficient way of realizing savings for our taxpayers,” Mayor Burchett said.  “That $92,000 will now go into our general fund, and, of course, we will also save future maintenance costs for these vehicles.”

In September, Mayor Burchett sold his assigned Chevy Tahoe on for more than $23,000.

“I am committed to restoring public trust by focusing on three core principles: service, efficiency and savings,” Mayor Burchett said.  “That includes working to recoup value on equipment that is no longer necessary.”


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