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Mayor Burchett unveils restored library hours

Library access increased at no additional cost to taxpayers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (November 22, 2010) -- Knox County Public Library-goers have 177.5 reasons to be thankful this holiday season, thanks to the efforts of Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, Interim Library Director Myretta Black, and the KCPL staff.  As of Monday, Nov. 22, 177.5 operating hours have been restored to the library system, Mayor Burchett announced Monday during an open house at Cedar Bluff Branch Library, which is the highest circulation library after Lawson McGhee.

“This really is great news for all library patrons, but especially for the senior citizens and children who need and use these services the most out in the community” Mayor Burchett said. “Our library branches are an integral part of Knox County and the library system.”

Earlier this month, Mayor Burchett completed a series of library tours that included visits to all library facilities in Knox County.  While touring the libraries, Mayor Burchett talked with staff, as well as several visitors who said they were very excited about his plan to restore operating hours to 2008 levels.  Each branch will see an increase in its hours.

“I’m very proud that we can increase the level of service at our public libraries, while also ensuring savings for Knox County taxpayers,” Mayor Burchett said. “Interim Director Black was able to identify some efficiency changes that were a key part of allowing this to happen.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Mayor Burchett to make this happen within our current budget," Interim Director Myretta Black said.  "We are already receiving extremely positive feedback from our patrons about restoring hours across the Library system. With 177.5 new public hours each week, we are able to provide more access to computers, books, and meeting space.”

The Knox County Public Library System operates 19 facilities in Knox County.  More information about the library system's schedule and services can be found at


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