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Mayor Burchett visits all Knox County Library branches

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 10, 2010) -- Knox County Public Libraries provide important services to taxpayers, which is why Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett made visiting each of the library’s 19 branches a priority as he came into office. On Tuesday, Mayor Burchett completed his branch tours with visits to the Powell and Norwood Branch Libraries, less than two weeks ahead of a planned system-wide restoration of operating hours.

“Our branches are the backbone of our public library system. They’re out in the community where the seniors and children that need the libraries’ services most are living,” Mayor Burchett said, “and our library employees are doing a great job of making sure they’re serving Knox County taxpayers well.”

"The staff is appreciative that Mayor Burchett supports the library system,” Interim Library Director Myretta Black said. "His visits show employees that the future of the Knox County Public Library is bright, and we look forward to working with the new county administration to provide the best possible services to our patrons."

While visiting each library, Mayor Burchett spoke with each staff member and visited with several library-goers.

The mayor’s visit demonstrated his support for the library system, the patrons and the staff,” Burlington Branch Manager Jeff Johnston said. “It had the immediate effect of raising staff morale. In addition, patrons felt that his visit showed a regard for their community, as well as their library.”

“Mayor Burchett will be the only county mayor to have ever visited this branch,” Corryton Branch Manager Sue Walker said.


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