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Mayor Burchett Visists Engineering & Public Works Facilities

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Since taking office on Sept. 1, 2010, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett has been visiting various executive branch departments to see how they operate, and to discuss ways to ensure great service, high efficiency and savings for Knox County taxpayers.

On Sept. 17, Mayor Burchett visited a department that impacts every Knox County citizen and all who visit our community.  While at the Knox County Engineering & Public Works facility on Baxter Ave., Mayor Burchett talked with the Highway Maintenance department staff, as well as staff from Fleet Services, which includes the sign and tire shops, as well as service and equipment repair facilities.

“It really means a great deal to the employees when the Mayor makes a personal visit to our workplace,” Staff Transportation Engineer Ramadan Damiri said.  “In my capacity working with utilities throughout Knox County, I strive to bring the public the best possible service for the lowest possible cost.”

 “I’ve said in the past that if I don’t show up for work one day, things will go along as normal, but if one of these workers doesn’t make it in to work, then their absence will be felt,” Mayor Burchett said. “These men and women are the backbone of Knox County’s infrastructure. “

Another important function of the Engineering & Public Works department is keeping Knox County roads safe during the winter months.  That’s why Mayor Burchett also reviewed the County’s winter weather supplies and preparations while visiting the Baxter Ave. facility. He also spent time talking to Storm Water Management engineers and inspectors.

“I wanted to be sure that when it comes to making slippery roads safe and keeping floodwaters out of peoples’ yards, Knox County taxpayers are going to get great service in an efficient way,” Mayor Burchett said.

 “When someone like Mayor Burchett takes the time to personally come out and see what I do, it tells me that ‘A New Direction’ really means something, that it’s more than a slogan,” Damiri said.

The Knox County Engineering & Public Works department is also responsible for the operations of Knox County’s solid waste convenience centers, as well as the county’s recycling program. More information about the department can be found at


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