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Mayors Burchett, Rogero announce regional approach to promote competitive airfares

KNOXVILLE (May 15, 2013) - Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero held a joint press conference at McGhee Tyson Airport today to announce a regional partnership that promotes competitive airfares.

The initiative, called the Competitive Airfare Partnership (CAP), is part of an Innovation Valley strategy to encourage business relocation and industrial development efforts. The partnership, the first regional approach taken to recruit low air carriers, currently includes the City of Knoxville, Knox County, Innovation Valley, Visit Knoxville, The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority and the Knoxville Chamber.

To date, more than $650,000 has been committed with a target goal of $3 million. Studies have shown that the Knoxville region has the population and tourism volume to support and sustain increased low fare service. Please click here for more information about the partnership.


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