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Mayor Burchett announces SouthFest

KNOXVILLE (March 4, 2013) -- Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, along with Knox County Commissioner Mike Brown, Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond, Knox County Commissioner Ed Shouse, Knoxville City Councilman Marshall Stair and other local business owners, gathered today outside of Emory 5 &10 to announce SouthFest, a festival-like event that will drive people to South Knoxville in a way similar to a giant cash mob.

SouthFest will be held on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 in South Knoxville. The event is intended to encourage people to shop, eat and have a good time at local businesses south of the river.

"There's a perception in other parts of the county that it's just too hard to get to South Knoxville because of the extended bridge closure," said Mayor Burchett. "We want to bring people out south for this event so they'll realize the detour is not hard to navigate."

Some of the entertainment and activities at SouthFest will include:

  • Live TV & Radio broadcasts
  • Live music
  • Kids zone with family-friendly activities
  • Sidewalk sales
  • Circus-style entertainment from the Shriners
  • Healthy living area
  • Knox CAC on-site shuttle

Details about the event will trickle out over the next few weeks via press release and on twitter at @TimBurchett and @KnoxGov.


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