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With his wife Allison at his side, Mayor Burchett takes the oath of office

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 1, 2010) -- Public service isn’t just a cliché to Tim Burchett. It’s a way of life learned from his earliest years. He finished his third term as a state senator after having served two terms in the state House and has become one of the most respected lawmakers in the state. At the end of the 2010 session, he will have spent 16 years serving us in the General Assembly. Today Tim Burchett was sworn in as Knox County Mayor.

Mayor Burchett stated, “I am extremely frustrated with the fact that government seems to have forgotten that its job is to work for the people not against them.  I want the focus to be off the politicians and back on the people where it belongs. My vision is to pick up the paper and see local success stories. We are a great community and I want us to move forward being proud of who we are and excited about what we can accomplish.”

Mayor Burchett and his wife Allison live in the Karns community and attend Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church.

Click here to read Mayor Burchett's swearing-in remarks


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