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Signage Code

Tennessee Code Annotated  -  2-1-116  - Removal of campaign advertising.

  1. After the conclusion of a primary, general, or special election, candidates in such election shall be responsible for the removal of any signs, posters, or placards advocating their candidacy, which have been placed on highway rights-of-way of other publicly owned property. The removal of such materials shall be accomplished within a reasonable period of time following the election, not to exceed three (3) weeks.
  2. Any candidate in a primary election who will also be a candidate in a general or special election following that primary shall not be required to remove any signs advocating such candidate’s candidacy until after the conclusion of the general or special election.
  3. This section shall not be construed as being penal in nature. There shall be no punitive measures taken against a candidate or workers if all signs are not removed.

Tennessee Code Annotated  -  2-19-144  -  Campaign advertising.

                  It is unlawful for any person to place or attach any type of show-card, poster, or advertising material or device, including election campaign literature, on any kind of poles, towers, or fixtures of any public utility company, whether privately or publicly owned or as defined in § 65-4-101, unless legally authorized to do so.

Tennessee Code Annotated  -  2-19-206  -  Use of state-owned property for campaign advertising or activities.

  1. It is unlawful for any elected or appointed official of the state, or any employee of the state or any department, division or agency thereof, to display campaign literature, banners, placards, streamers, stickers, signs or other items of campaign of political advertising on behalf  of any party, committee or agency or candidate for political office, on the premises of any building or land owned by the state, or to use any of the facilities of the state, including equipment and vehicles, for such purposes.
  2. It is unlawful to use public buildings or facilities for meetings or preparation of campaign activity in support of any particular candidate, party or measure unless reasonably equal opportunity is provided for presentation of all sides or views, or reasonably equal access to the buildings or facilities is provided all sides.
  3. This section shall not be construed to prohibit an employee from displaying a decal or bumper stickers on the employee’s personal vehicle while parked on state property.

Tennessee Code Annotated -  2-7-143 - Tennessee Freedom of Speech Act.

  1. This section shall be known and may be cited as the “Tennessee Freedom of Speech Act.”
  2. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, during the period beginning sixty (60) days before a general election until the day after the next subsequent general election:
    1. This state, a local government, or any other political subdivision of this state:
      1. Shall not regulate the shape or quantity of political or campaign posters or signs placed on private property that is located more than one hundred feet (100') from a polling place if the signs or posters are placed on the property by the owner of the property or any lawful resident of a residence on the property;
      2. May prohibit, notwithstanding subdivision (b)(1)(A), any political or campaign poster or sign covered by this section from exceeding:
        1. For commercial property, thirty-two square feet (32 sq. ft.) in size; and
        2. For residential property, sixteen square feet (16 sq. ft.) in size; and
      3. Notwithstanding subdivision (b)(1)(A), may adopt reasonable restrictions limiting the number of political campaign signs or posters that may be placed on property; provided, that such restrictions authorize an owner or resident to place at least one (1) poster or sign on the property per candidate, issue, or subject; and
    2. A homeowners’ association shall not, by covenant, condition, restriction, or rule, prohibit the display of political or campaign posters or signs placed on private property by the owner of the property or any lawful resident of a residence on the property. A homeowners’ association may adopt reasonable covenants, conditions, restrictions, or rules with respect to the placement of political or campaign posters or signs placed on homeowner association common space and private property maintained by the owner or resident, including limiting the size of campaign posters or signs in those common and private property areas to four feet square (4 sq. ft.).
  3. A lessor of residential property may require a lessee to obtain the written permission of the lessor prior to placing any political or campaign posters or signs on such residential property. Any such requirement must be included in the lease or rental agreement.
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