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Bullfeathers Stabbing Leads to Murder Conviction

Posted: 06/25/2019

Prosecutors in DA Charme Allen’s Major Crimes Unit obtained convictions against a woman who stabbed a man at a local bar and laughed as he died.  A jury found Rickeena Hamilton, 39, guilty-as-charged and convicted her of Second Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence.  Judge Steve Sword revoked Hamilton’s bond, ordered her into custody, and set the case for sentencing on September 12.

In a two-day trial, Assistant District Attorneys Sean McDermott and Kevin Allen explained to the jury that on June 17, 2018, the victim, Chaz Cox, and his parents were at Bullfeathers, a restaurant and bar in Farragut, shooting pool and celebrating Father’s Day.  At one point during the evening, the victim and Hamilton got into a fist fight.  The two were separated, and the victim walked away from the pool tables.  When Hamilton rounded the pool table, she pulled a knife from her pocket and headed toward the victim, stabbing him once in the neck and laughing as she left the bar.  Knox County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jeremy McCord led the investigation that identified Hamilton.  Officers located the knife, which she threw into a dumpster in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

“This family lost their son on Father’s Day,” said DA Charme Allen.  “Although we can never make their family whole again, we hope that the verdict provides them some solace and protects the community.”

Second Degree Murder is a Class A felony that carries a punishment of fifteen to twenty-five years in prison without the possibility of parole.  Tampering with Evidence is a Class C felony that carries a punishment between three and six years.  At sentencing, prosecutors will ask for an enhanced sentence based on Hamilton’s history of criminal behavior.

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