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Housekeeper Convicted of Stealing from Clients

Posted: 02/28/2020

Prosecutors in DA Charme Allen’s Criminal Court Unit obtained convictions against a housekeeper who stole from a family while cleaning their home.  Laseena Tirree White, 40, was convicted of Theft over $10,000.  Judge Scott Green set the case for sentencing on May 1.

In a two-day trial, Assistant District Attorneys Christy Smith and William Bright explained to the jury that White was employed through a housekeeping service and assigned to clean the victim’s home.  White cleaned the home on a bi-weekly schedule from December 2015 to July 2016.  A phone call from White’s employer prompted the victims to inventory their personal belongings. They discovered over $18,000 worth of personal property missing, including shotguns, jewelry, and family heirlooms.  Knox County Sheriff’s Office Detective Coby Woodrum discovered that White had pawned two of the victim’s rings at Pardon’s Jewelers.  Detective Woodrum also discovered that knives belonging to the victims were pawned at Sevier Pawn & Loan in Seymour by an individual with the same address as White.

Theft over $10,000 is a Class C felony that carries a punishment from three to six years.  At sentencing, prosecutors will seek restitution ordering White to re-pay the victims for the items that were stolen.

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