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DAG Charme Allen and Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond promote expungement screening opportunities

Posted: 08/30/2021Feature Photo

Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen and Criminal Court Clerk Mike Hammond launch effort to inform the community about changes to expungement laws and available screening opportunities.

This year, the State of Tennessee expanded the list of charges that are eligible to be permanently removed from a criminal record. A list of eligible charges can be found at

Expungement is a court-ordered process where the legal record of some criminal cases can be erased in the eyes of the law. In Tennessee, only certain criminal records can be expunged. Some cases can be expunged without any fees.

Since 2015, the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office and the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office have offered Expungement Screenings to help individuals determine if charges can be permanently removed from their criminal record.

At Expungement Screenings, individuals can meet one-on-one with a prosecutor to review their criminal history and determine which charges, if any, can be expunged. Members of the Clerk’s Office are also available to answer questions, and students from the UT Legal Clinic are on hand to provide legal advice, if needed.

“Most individuals who participate in the expungement process are in a better position to obtain employment, housing, and restore their citizenship rights,” said Allen. “We hope that those who are eligible will take advantage of this opportunity.”

“Expungement Screenings have been an effective service over the years for individuals looking to expunge their record. We encourage residents who have questions to attend a screening or contact our offices,” shared Hammond.

If someone is unable to attend Expungement Screenings, they can reach out to the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office or the District Attorney’s Office for assistance. For more details regarding expungements and Expungement Screenings, visit



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