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2020 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Kicks Off

Posted: 04/20/2020Feature Photo

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The Knox County District Attorney General's Office planned a kick-off ceremony for the 2020 National Crime Victims' Rights Week to raise awareness about victims' rights and to recognize partner agencies who help uphold and protect victims' rights.

Due to COVID-19 and the call to observe social distancing, the Office cancelled the event. However, we created this video to commemorate the week and to show our support for crime victims.

The Knox County District Attorney General's Office is committed to creating a criminal justice response that assists all victims of crime during Crime Victims’ Rights Week and throughout the year; and expressing our sincere gratitude and appreciation for those community members, victim service providers, and criminal justice professionals who are committed to improving our response to all victims of crime so that they may find relevant assistance, support, justice, and peace.

If you have been a victim of crime, you have certain constitutional rights. These rights may help you better understand what will happen to your case.

Rights of Victims of Crimes - Tennessee Constitution Article I, § 35:

To preserve and protect the rights of victims of crime to justice and due process, victims shall be entitled to the following basic rights:

  1. The right to confer with the prosecution.
  2. The right to be free from intimidation, harassment and abuse throughout the criminal justice system.
  3. The right to be present at all proceedings where the defendant has the right to be present.
  4. The right to be heard, when relevant, at all critical stages of the criminal justice process as defined by the General Assembly.
  5. The right to be informed of all proceedings, and of the release, transfer or escape of the accused or convicted person.
  6. The right to a speedy trial or disposition and a prompt and final conclusion of the case after the conviction or sentence.
  7. The right to restitution from the offender.
  8. The right to be informed of each of the rights established for victims.

The General Assembly has the authority to enact substantive and procedural laws to define, implement, preserve and protect the rights guaranteed to victims by this section.



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