August Items - NOT on consent


August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:34 pm

Good Afternoon Commissioners,

I am looking forward to seeing everyone this Monday for our work session. It is hard to believe that this will be our last month working together for our community.

Items that will be pulled from consent:

Honorary Resolutions. Items 6,7, 8, and 9 are resolutions in honor of our outgoing Commissioners. Item 10 is a resolution honoring Bear Stephenson. Mr. Stephenson will be in attendance at the meeting on the 24th. (There will be a more formal recognition event at a date in the spring or early summer of 2021. Representatives from the many organizations he has helped will be invited to that event)

Item 11 – Pulled waiting for confirmation of appointee name.

School System.

The agenda from the school system is relatively routine for this time of year. There are multiple resolutions related to acceptance of grants funds from the state. Three of the grants are from the Tennessee Department of Education IDEA partnership program. IDEA stands for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. ... /idea.html Item 16 - I am pulling item 16 as a representative of these grants to give the school system an opportunity to provide a brief summary of the program in Knox County. In particular, I was curious about item 16 and the efforts to provide real life work experiences and independent living skills for the young people in our school system.

Engineering & Public Works

Item 34 – this item is related to the Cherahala Extension Project. Please provide a brief update on the project and timeline. Please put in the context of the school project and other TDOT efforts in the next few years related to the Pellissippi Parkway. It is nice to see this happening as zoning and plans for this area were before this commission four years ago.

Solid Waste

Item 37 – Pulled as contracted vendor is blank. Waiting on vendor information.

Community Development

Community Development has several important items on this month’s agenda. These items were detailed in a memo that Dwight sent out earlier this week. I am pulling these two items from consent. Not pulling because of concerns about the items, but because they are important enough for us to discuss so the public is informed.

Item 38 – This resolution is related to utilization of CARES Act funding for providing assistance to low and moderate income families in our community.

Item 39 – TO BE ADDED AND THEN PULLED FROM CONSENT – This resolution is for approval of MOUs for our local first responders.

Health Department

No specific items to be pulled from consent. However, these is a discussion item on the agenda from Commissioner Busler regarding the Health Department.

Parks and Recreation

Not pulling any of the items out of concern. However, would like for a brief update on the transition to new leases in general. This subject originally was discussed on the front end about 16 months ago.

Procurement (Also Finance)

Item 53 – Provision of Federal Cost Recovery Services. Chris and Matt, I know that this is to assist Knox County in making sure we do not leave any funding on the table related to federal assistance from the pandemic. Section II regarding Scope of Work; 2.1. Scope of Impact – please make sure the scope of impact report is shared with Commission. Additionally, provide ongoing updates regarding success in funding.

Knox County Clerk

Item 61 – Second Reading regarding “Hotel Occupancy Tax”

Merit System Council

Item 62 – Second Reading regarding changes to code related to Merit System Council Responsibilities

Engineering & Public Works

Items 63, 64, and 65 – All are 1st or 2nd reading related to road closure.

66 – Finance – Line Item Transfers.

Discussion Items:

69 – Commissioner Beeler regarding illegal littering
70 – Commissioner Busler regarding the Health Department
71 – Commissioner Nystrom regarding Knox County Commission reorganization meeting in September.

The illegal littering discussion item will be discussed during the work session.

My preference will be to knock out each of the other discussion items at the work session. However, we can carry them to the BOC meeting if work session runs long.

There are 7 items that will need to be formally added to the agenda. The initial agenda you received showed 6 “to be added” items. However, I received a request from Engineering & Public Works Friday afternoon for an additional item. You will have more details on that addition by the work session.

Please respond if you have any additional items you would like to have pulled from consent.

Chair Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:20 pm

Commissioner Dailey emailed me these two items to take off of consent:

Item 15 Schools - Is this an hourly rate up to and not to exceed $ 16,000?

Item 24 - Schools - Please provide start date, traffic flow, and estimated date of completion. This is to provide said information to resident of the 9th District.
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Larsen Jay on Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:42 pm


I would like to ask for the following item to be pulled from consent:

#54 (R-20-8-802) Lease Amendment for Concord Marina / Matt Meyers will be bringing additional information to present.

Thank you,

Commissioner Jay
Larsen Jay
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