June items NOT on consent


June items NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:29 pm

Good Afternoon Commissioners,

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in person tonight. Our body, and the related support staff, is under 50 people that will be meeting in the front of the main assembly room. The back of the room for the audience has been set up by the PBA to incorporate social distancing as well.

However, please do your best to sit with one chair between you and your fellow Commissioners if possible. Commissioner Biggs is out of town today so there will be additional room on that side of the room.

Agenda notes and items that will NOT be on the consent agenda tonight:

6 - Library board - Still missing names.
8 – TTCDA – need name from Mayor’s office
9 – We have names and resumes for these appointments. I will give each up to 5 minutes to state why they should be appointed. You can ask questions. We will have the actual vote next week.
13 – Schools – quick clarification – by separating the Knox County School program from the Knox County program on this contract will this help us get additional rebates or is this to make it easier for schools to audit/review utilization?
22 – Purchase of the three tracts of property for the new school. Glad to get this approved – but want a quick update and insight to how the road improvements have come together. Response may be handled by Jim Snowden.
33 – Engineering and public works – Needs to be added and then pulled from consent as total is not yet provided.
41 – Withdrawn
45. Finance – needs to be added and then pulled from consent. Approving acceptance of funds.
47 – I.T – needs to be added – but will stay on consent.
48 – New roads
49-51 Spread of record items.
52. Presentation on planning for future development in Knox County - Gerald Green.
53. Discussion regarding the 2020 Census. Commissioner Dailey.
54 – Discussion regarding the budget/budget vote. Commissioner Nystrom – May move this item toward top of agenda. While general budget discussion is involved, I do want to review the timeline for budget vote this month. There has been some discussion regarding moving the vote to an earlier date on the forum.

We have a Public Hearing schedule for tonight at 6:30 or immediately following the Commission Work Session. We can use that time for more specific budget discussion. I would prefer to use the budget discussion time in the work session to review the timeline of the vote. Do we keep as scheduled? Incorporate into the Board of Commission Meeting next week?

Commissioners Anders – please be prepared provide a brief /short update on Charter review timeline.

Thank you,

Chairman Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: June items NOT on consent

Postby Randy Smith on Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:52 pm

Mr Chairman, please pull item 31 off consent
Randy Smith
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