May Items NOT on consent


May Items NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Fri May 15, 2020 6:08 pm

Good Evening Commissioners,

Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order Number 16 has been extended via Executive Order 34 through June. Based on this direction, we will be conducting our Commission meetings this month electronically. Governor Lee’s order was very specific in that it was to be used just for conducting essential functions. Based on this I have prepared our proposed consent agenda with many of the items that we are required to pass on consent. For example, the school’s agenda and the engineering items where we agree to covenants on storm water maintenance are on consent. As was the case last month, honorary resolutions and proclamations will be postponed.

Other Operational Notes:

This will be the second month we have had our full slate of meeting electronically. This includes the Audit Committee, County Work Session, Beer Board, Board of Commissioners Meeting, and Zoning Meetings. Each of those meetings will be conducted via a unique Zoom meeting. That means that you will have a different zoom link for each one of those meetings. My suggestion is to add the Zoom link for each meeting to your Outlook meeting calendar. Please contact Knox County I.T. if you need clarification.

Members of the public wishing to address the Commission can do so via email. Public forum comments will be directed to the email address.

All votes will need to be via a roll call vote.

Agenda comments and proposed consent agenda:

I have asked Mayor Jacobs to address County Commission during our public forum agenda slot. As has been the case the past two meetings, he will provide an update related to Knox County and Covid-19.

Regarding discussion item – 53 from Commission Bussler regarding hospital guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Commissioner Bussler – it may be appropriate to transition from Mayor Jacob’s update into this discussion at the beginning of the meeting. Generally speaking, I prefer to keep the Covid -19 related items at the top of the agenda.

Additions/updates to the agenda:

Item 51 – Spread of record for Commission travel.
Item 53 – Discussion of budget vote.
Resolution R205909 regarding the acceptance of hand sanitizer from KaTom Restaurant Supply. ( add and then place on consent)

Item 54 – Discussion item from Commissioner Beeler. Commissioner Beeler has requested this item be discussed in July.
Item 10 – Knox County Schools. Purchase and Sale agreement for land at Cowart Mill Road. Knox County Schools has requested this item be moved to June meeting so a traffic study can be conducted by Knox County Engineering.
Item 58 – Zoning item. Applicant has requested it be moved to June or next non-electronic meeting.

Item 6 – The appointment will be Amanda Rowcliffe for the Library Advisory Board.

Notes and proposed items that will NOT be on consent:

Item 34 – Knox County Parks and Rec. Paul - Please confirm if you would like this item covered this month or deferred again.

Item 35 – Procurement. – Pull - Regarding Defined Service Contract with Helen Ross McNabb Center Inc. Commissioner Smith

Item 42 – Commissioners Beeler and Dailey. - Pull -Regarding Knox County being declared a 2nd Adm Constitutional County.

47 – 2nd Reading - Parking ordinance “the Dollar General ordinance”
48 – Acceptance of new county roads
49 – 2nd Reading – closure of right of way on Cadillac Drive
50 – Line Item transfers
51 – Spread of record – to be read – no motion required
52 – Knox County Mayor – need direction if this item is to be deferred or if this item should be withdrawn.

Chair Nystrom - Discussion Item regarding Knox County budget vote.

Commissioner Bussler – Discussion item regarding new regulations for stormwater, detention ponds and testing water for contamination.

Please let me know if you have any other items you would like to pull from consent. Thank your for your patience as we work together for our community.

~ Chair Nystrom
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Re: May Items NOT on consent

Postby Carson Dailey on Fri May 15, 2020 6:49 pm

Mr. Chairman, Item 58 needs to be heard when we move back to regular meetings not on Zoom. Need to present maps and other information fro Mr. Monday in person.

Item 23 and all Storm water items. Mr. Snowden before we accept new subdivisions or other developments I have noticed that the catch basins are being filled with sediment from run off. Do we require the developer to remove excess sediment to meet the original depth and width of the catch basin? Thank you.
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Re: May Items NOT on consent

Postby Evelyn Gill on Mon May 18, 2020 10:24 am

All Commissioner's

Thank you

Commissioner Gill

Reposted from March

Information from TCSA

We have not recommended anything in the way of a resolution on the second amendment or gun control. In Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1314, the state legislature very clearly preempts any local regulation of firearms and ammunition in our state, so the county does not have authority to enact any local regulations on firearms.

I got a few calls from counties several months ago about resolutions to express support of the second amendment. When asked, I told them they take an oath to uphold the constitution and could obviously express support for any and all parts of it as long as that is all they are doing. If the proposed resolution goes beyond expressing an opinion, state law preempts local authority on firearms.

David Connor
Executive Director
Tennessee County Services Association
226 Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd., Suite 700
Nashville, TN 37219
Office: (615) 532-3767
Fax: (615) 532-3769
Mobile: (615) 440-3959
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Re: May Items NOT on consent

Postby Evelyn Gill on Mon May 18, 2020 12:56 pm

Commissioners, please note the additional information for item 18 is linked to this site - I will forward the information to the Commission Office...

Thank you

Commissioner Gill

Agenda item 18 contains critical Q/A regarding the Student Device Deployment
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