April Items NOT on consent & other operational notes


April Items NOT on consent & other operational notes

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Fri Apr 17, 2020 5:41 pm

Good Evening Commissioners,

In accordance with Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order Number 16 we will be conducting our Commission meetings this month electronically. Governor Lee’s order was very specific in that it was to be used just for conducting essential functions. With that direction given, I have prepared our proposed consent agenda with many of the items that we are required to pass on consent. For example the school’s agenda and the engineering items where we agree to covenants on storm water maintenance on consent. Other items that are routine are on consent and some items I have noted to be postponed or removed from consideration. As was the case last month, honorary resolutions and proclamations will be postponed.

Other Operational Notes:

Unlike last month we will be having a full slate of meetings. This includes the County Work Session, Beer Board, Board of Commissioners Meeting, and Zoning Meetings. Each of those meetings will be conducted via a unique Zoom meeting. That means that you will have a different zoom link for each one of those meetings. My suggestion is to add the Zoom link for each meeting to your Outlook meeting calendar. Please contact Knox County I.T. if you need clarification.

Members of the public wishing to address the Commission can do so via email. Public forum comments will be directed to the Commission@KnoxCounty.org email address.

All votes will need to be via a roll call vote.

We have two important presentations that will be taking place at the work session:

• Dr. Buchanan will be providing an update from the Knox county Health Department regarding COVID-19.
• Community Development will be providing a presentation on the Knox County Consolidated Plan. Though the specifics were not finalized when I spoke to that department this week, there may be some funds available related to housing through the CARES Act.

Discussion Items:

Item 44 – Discussion regarding illegal littering/dumping on private property from Commissioner Beeler – Have this discussion at the Work Session. It is carried over from last month’s meeting.

Item 45 – Discussion item regarding problems with TDS and Comcast providing service to customers. Have this discussion at the BOC meeting on the 27th

Additional to the agenda:

These items will need to be added to the agenda.

10 – Appointment to library board from the 4th district / I am going to have this item deferred to May.

36 – This is for funding for the new voter system. After we add to the agenda I will place on consent agenda. This is to accept a grant that will help pay for the system.

43. Dr. Buchanan’s update. After we approve this addition I will bring this to the top of the agenda.

Proposed Consent Agenda:

Merit Council Item 6 - Reappointments to Knox County Sheriff’s Merit System Council

Property Assessor Item 7 – reappointments to Knox County Board of Equalization

Health Department – Items 8 & 9 regarding appointments to Air Pollution control Board and Board of Health

Commission Nystrom – Item 10 – Defer to May

Schools Items - 11-17

Engineering & Public Works – Items 18 – 22 are all related to Storm Water Facilities

Engineering & Public Works – Item 23. My recommendation is to place on consent. If you have any questions about this project please reference this document: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/ind ... b1c6eafdcd
This story references the need for the work: https://www.knoxtntoday.com/canton-holl ... any-speed/

Engineering & Public Works – Item 24 – remain on consent.

Solid Waste – Item 25 regarding Litter Grant Program. Pull this item for discussion. I find this one somewhat related to the discussion item 44 from Commissioner Beeler.

Community Development – Item 26 – Presentation of Knox County Consolidated Plan. Pull from consent for presentation.

Health Department – Items 27-30 Remain on consent.

Parks & Recreation – Item 31 – Remain on consent

Parks & Recreation – Item 32 – Paul please verify if the Mayor would like to hear this item or postpone it to May. It was postponed last month.

Procurement – Item 33 – Pull from consent. This is related to consulting related to emergency management support services for COVID-19.

34 – Deferred to May

35 – Rules Committee – Pull from consent. If we get through most of the agenda at the work session discussion on this item could be done at the BOC meeting.

36 – Add to agenda and then place on consent.

Remaining Items not on consent:
37 – 1st reading
38 – New roads acceptance.
39 - 1st reading
40 – Line Item transfers
41 - Spread of record items

42 – Proclamation regarding Fair Housing Month – Will verify with Mayor if he would like to withdraw this item.
43 – Dr. Buchanan Discussion Item to be added then moved to front of agenda.
44 & 45 – Discussion Items.

Zoning Items

Thank your for your patience & understanding as we continue to do our work for the community in new ways.

Chair Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: April Items NOT on consent & other operational notes

Postby Richie Beeler on Sat Apr 18, 2020 9:42 am

Mr. Chairman,

I would respectfully request that item 44, related to discussion of illegal dumping on private property, be deferred until such time as in-person meetings can be resumed. I have at least one constituent who would like to address the commission, and would need to do so in person.

Thank you,

Commissioner Beeler
Richie Beeler
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