October Work Session - Items NOT on consent


October Work Session - Items NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:43 pm

Good Afternoon Commissioners,

The following items will NOT be on the October consent agenda:

Honorary resolutions to be sent forward to the BOC meeting for a formal vote and recognition.

Schools Item 14. This is related to the land swap between Knox County, The City of Knoxville, and the Knox County School Board for the new school at Lonsdale. Superintendent Thomas, Please review the basic details of the deal and the timeline.

Engineering Item 21. Jim, please provide insight as to why the increase has gone up by $105K since we originally approved the resolution last November.

Engineering Item 25. Jim, Please provide insight as to what exactly the Pavement Management Software is going to do. I know we are working intentionally to be more efficient in this area; is this a new investment in systems or a renewal of a current systems provider.

Community Development Item 26. Jenny, Please provide a brief update on this program. Is this an extension of a current contract or are we going with a new vendor to help with this important program.
https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data ... ttacks.pdf

Finance Item 31 & 32. Roll Call vote on change in interest rate calculation on Local Government Improvement Bonds. Cumberland securities will be at BOC meeting on the 28th to review.

Item 34. W/D per Procurement

Item 35 Commissioner Beeler. Consideration of resolution regarding direction given to attorney hired by Mayor Jacobs in lawsuit.

Item 40 Growth Policy Coordinating Committee. Change to Knoxville-Farragut- Knox County Growth Plan. ( To Be Added)

Item 41 – Second Reading. Regarding Motor Vehicle registration fee.

Spread of record items.

Discussion item regarding update to Indigent Care 1st quarter report from Dr. Buchanan. Commissioners Gill and Carringer.

Discussion item regarding school room sterilization. Commissioner Bussler.

Discussion Item regarding Tennessee Vallery Fair 4H Students and impact to Knox County from Neal Denton. Commissioner Bussler

Discussion regarding planning for update to Knox County General Plan/Growth Plan. This item discussion may overlap with discussion related to item 40. This is a priority for the Commission in our Strategic Plan. Commissioner Nystrom.

To Be Added Per notice from Mayor Jacobs: Appointment of Commissioner Biggs to the 911 board to complete the term of Commissioner Anders who has resigned due to being selected as the new Director.

We have a lot of discussion related items. I will likely move one or more items to the BOC meeting to spread the work.

Please let me know if you would like to pull any additional items from the consent agenda.

Chairman Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: October Work Session - Items NOT on consent

Postby Carson Dailey on Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:08 pm

Mr. Chairman please pull item 38.
Carson Dailey
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