August Items - NOT on consent


August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:45 pm

August Items NOT on consent

Good Afternoon Commissioners,

The following items are NOT going to be on the consent agenda.

Honorary resolutions are to be sent forward to next week’s meeting for formal vote.

7. Health Department: Appointments to Knox County Air Pollution Control Board. There are two appointments to this board to be made. Robert Burns has been nominated by Univ. Of Tennessee Chancelor. Commission has the authority to appoint one of the other positions. Lynne Liddlngton has expressed an interest in serving in this volunteer position. She is recently retired after serving for the past 38 years as a professional employee of Knox County Air Quality Management. The past 20 years she served as the Director of the Division.

16. Schools: To name a portion of Stonewall Street adjacent to Sam E Hill in honor of Gloria Garner. This is a very nice honor for Gloria Garner. I know she has been active in our community by serving with the Community Development Corp and professional service with the Urban League. I thought it would be appropriate to pull this item from consent in order to recognize or acknowledge her service to our community. Would it be possible to have her or a member of her family in attendance at the voting meeting to be recognized?

23. Engineering and Public Works: I know the Shaad Road extension is a very important project for the community. Jim would you please provide a brief update on the progress and the county investment so far.

25. Engineering and Public Works: There is not an amount listed in the resolution. This item is also related to Shaad road.

35. Finance: This item is pertaining to transfers of FY18 funds to FY19. Amount is blank. Please be prepared with details by meeting time. Some of this may also be covered in detail at the Finance Committee meeting.

37. & 38. County Mayor & Finance: Both items pertain to the issuance of General Obligation Bonds. Please provide basic detail regarding rates, timing of issuance related to market, and context to our debt picture.

40. Resolution regarding the ADA transition plan for Knox County. Knox County’s disability advisory group would like to speak to the commission regarding this item. Cindy Pionke has been communicating to us that this was in the works at previous meetings. Please take the time to review the plan which is attached to the agenda.

42. Rules Committee. Regarding Standing Committees meeting once a year.

46. Motor Vehicle Registration Ordinance. 1st reading .

47. Planning Commission – creation of a Planned Development Approval Process. 1st Reading. Gerald or a member of the planning commission should be present incase of questions.

50. Line Item Transfers.

51-55 Spread of record items.

56. Motion and vote on special session of Commission regarding the reorganizing of Commission. As a reminder we previously passed a resolution, recommended by the Rules Committee, that reorganization will take place on “September 1st or the next business day thereafter”. I have attached a copy of this resolution in the agenda for your reference.

57, Discussion Item – Commission Planning Retreat.

58. Discussion Item – New Knox County Logo

59. Discussion Item regarding appropriation related to updating the Knox County Growth Plan/General Plan. We discussed this earlier in the year and decided to move it to this summer for follow up.

We do have a lot of items to review that will require discussion. I will be reviewing the agenda with some of the speakers Monday. If the work session appears to be set to run over three hours I may move one or two discussion items to the voting meeting.

Please let me know if you would like to pull any additional items from the consent agenda.

Chairman Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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Re: August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Larsen Jay on Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:57 am

#43 - Contract with Clarus Tennessee, LLC regarding Real Property Value and Dispute Resolution Services. (Property Assessor) Would like more context on this project.

- Commissioner Jay
Larsen Jay
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Re: August Items - NOT on consent

Postby Hugh Nystrom on Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:41 pm


I am going to be moving Gerald Greens discussion item to a future month. Likely October.

Thank you,

Chairman Nystrom
Hugh Nystrom
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